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Koto Mining Pool
  • Minimum payout: 1 KOTO / 最低支払額: 1 KOTO
  • Payment interval: 60 min. / 支払間隔: 60分
  • Pool fee: 0.5% / 使用手数料: 0.5%
  • Payment method: PROP / 支払方法: PROP
Last updates
  • Feb/16/2019 Updated kotod to 2.0.3.
  • Feb/15/2019 Changed the Minimum payout to 1 Koto.
  • Feb/04/2019 Changed the Payment interval to 60 min.
  • Jan/26/2019 Changed the diff. for Koto Web Miner.
  • Jan/10/2019 Updated kotod to 2.0.2.
  • Nov/12/2018 Support for Sapling upgrade.
  • Pool and Network Stats
     Coin: koto
     Miners Online: 27
     Workers Online: 66
     Pool H/s: 237.94 KHash/s
     Pool Fee: 0.5%
     Block Height: 748971
     Network H/s: 5.62 MHash/s
     Difficulty: 37914.16358197361
     Node Connections: 85
     Luck 0.016 Days
    Minerd Settings
    Username: your Koto address
    Algorithm: yescrypt
    Mobile(difficulty 0.01): stratum+tcp://
    Middle(difficulty 0.5): stratum+tcp://
    High(difficulty 1): stratum+tcp://
    Cloud(difficulty 5): stratum+tcp://
    e.g.: minerd -a yespower -o stratum+tcp:// -u {Address}.{Worker}
    Servers Infomation
      United States
     Los Angeles
     DDoS Protected
     High spec CPUs
     Large capacity RAM
     DDoS Protected
     High spec CPUs
     Large capacity RAM
     DDoS Protected
     High spec CPUs
     Large capacity RAM
     Mining server is automatically selected from your region.